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The R.K. School of Nursing is affiliated to Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and is one of the leading centres for generating trained manpower in the field of nursing. The teaching programme is being conducted according to syllabus specified by the Indian Nursing Council.

Clinical experience is a very essential component of our training programme and in establishing a sound Nurse-patient relationship. To achieve this, students are given an exposure to work with all the modern and sophisticated units of our hospital and get adequate experience in super specialties of the hospital likes CT scan department, Lithotripsy, MRI centre, Dialysis unit, Gastroenterology, In-vitro fertilization, Cardio-thoracic/ Vascular Surgery and Cardiac Surgery and Minimal Access surgery as per the norms laid down by INC.

As a part of regular activity of the school, students are taken for educational visits to various institutions, i.e. Parag Dairy, water works, sewage disposal plant, Blind Home, Old Home. The students are also given one and half month clinical experience in psychiatry nursing at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences and one month rural health training at Karchana and urban slums of Allahabad.

Our training is integrated with community nursing where preventive care is emphasized, which we try to imbibe in our students through various community health programmes. This activity of community health services and public awareness is regularly taken up by the students as part of their curriculum

The schools of Nursing attached to a large number of hospitals offer the ANM/MHW and GNM courses. The Indian Nursing Council is the regulatory authority for nursing education. Qualified nurses are also required to register themselves with the council. Students must ensure that they are seeking admission to institutions that are approved by the Council.

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