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  • Dental Lab Technician
  • Radiology Technician
  • Fitter

Dental Lab Technician

Dental laboratory technicians fill prescriptions from dentists. They construct and repair dentures (false teeth), bridges, crowns, and other artificial tooth replacement devices (prosthetics) that dentists order for patients. They work from the dentist's written instructions and from plastic or wax impressions of the patient's mouth. Dental laboratory technicians work with plaster, wax, porcelain, and plastic, as well as with gold and other metals.

Radiology Technician

It is a profession in which the individual's responsibility is to make use of equipment for taking X-rays images on sufferers for diagnostic objective for detecting trauma and condition. Men and women who are in this vocation are also known as x-ray technicians or radiographers. A radio technician's job profile also involves making use of other equipment such as computer system tomography (CT scan), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) equipment, and ultrasound equipment. In order to turn out to be a radiology technician, one requirement to go via radiology technician programs at hospitals, medical colleges and universities, committed technical institutions that specialize in providing medical courses, and the military.


On completion of the course he shall be able to independently prepare machine components, using skills such as filing, hacksawing, chipping, drilling, chipping, reaming, screw cutting and scrapping, individually handle precision measuring instruments and read machine drawing, also handle various fitter tools and operate different machine such as drilling machines. Operate lathe machines, grinding machines, electric welding transformer, power hacksaw machines and an advanced C.N.C. drilling machine. Acquires allied skills such as welding, sheet metal work, forging, turning and pipefitting. Capable of repairing and over hauling different types of machines.

  • CourseEligibility Criteria Duration
  • Dental Lab TechnicianCandidate should have passed 10th or equivalent examination for course of Dental Lab Technician.2 Year
  • Radiology Technician Candidate should have passed 10th or equivalent examination for course of Radiology Technician. 2 Year
  • FitterCandidate should have passed 10th or equivalent examination for course of Fitter.2 Year