About us

RK Institute Of Technical Studies is a young, vibrant paramedical institute. It has become a revolutionary name in the field of research and modern study platform in technical institute.
Knowledge at this institute is neither a fashion statement nor a fad. We pro-active, pre emptive and sensitive to our students.
One the features of the RKITS is to provide best atmosphere for learning. We place high premium on our faculties so that the are able to deliver the best. For us "Quality is Tradition". We provide our faculties constant training. We encourage our teachers to develop their skills and nature the pursuit of professional excellence.
We believes in overall values such as self-evaluation, discipline and the acceptance of responsibility for themselves and for others through providing an atmosphere that encourage leadership and service to others as well as personal initiative, teamwork and co-operation.
It provides a common platform wherein each students is able to perform/learn to his or her maximum potential. The institute also offer career guidance and information to all the students on successful completion of the chosen study program.

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