About us

PRAYAG VIDHI MAHAVIDYALYA Law and order is the blood running in the veins of any civilized society keeping in mind the importance of legal education and with a view to inculcate a feeling of reverence for law. As law is a fascinating study and its practice an absorbing occupation, PRAYAG VIDHI MAHAVIDALAYA aims to teach the new emerging areas in law as intellectual property, cyber crime, commercial arbitration, immigration law and family laws by redefining the boundaries of legal education.

Due to changing laws, India needs good lawyers, judges who have a modern approach to the related matters. Hence our main is to help students who desire to take law as a serious branch of knowledge not only in their career interest but for the developments and betterment of our Country.


The faculty at PRAYAG VIDHI MAHAVIDALAYA highly qualified and experienced. Our teaching approach, participative classroom, teaching, seminars, Assignments, Extansion lectures, Guided library sessions.


PRAYAG VIDHI MAHAVIDALAYA has an impressive structure in the campus. The building has Administrative Office, classroom with modern teaching Aids, moot courtroom, seminar room, Computer lab with broadband internet connectivity. Spacious library with e-library section and faculty rooms, the college subscribes to law reports and journals such as a supreme court cases, All India, Journal of the Indian Law reports and journal of the Indian law institute etc. We also have a Generator room and other essential services.

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