Scholarship Facilities

Scholarship Facility available for all students in all courses

Hostel Facilities

The RKGI Hostel Have a capacity of over 100+ students. Separate hostels accomodation for girls & boys are available.

The accomodations are complete with all the amenities for the residents.

The facilities include :
-Telephone facilities
-Generator backup in case of power failure.
-Mess and dining services for a nominal charge.

Sports and Recreation Activities

A massive sports arena is built within the RKGI campus. Spacious and sophisticated courts have been designed keeping in mind the benefits students can obtain from sporting activities. There are ample basketball, tennis, badminton, and volleyball courts to suit the precise interest of the student. RKGI also takes pride in the fact that its students have proved to be athletes and won accolades for the institute with their sheer caliber.

Medical Facilities

Medical services are provided round the clock at the campus. A 24 hour ambulance is always at service in case of emergency. The girl's hostel also contains a self sufficient clinic within its site. Moreover, there are tie ups with the neighboring hospitals of the region guaranteeing the well being of the student.

Internet Facilities

Wi-Fi Internet Facilities are available at Campus for students to access internet.

Transport Facilities

The day scholars living in areas away from the campus are pick-up and dropped from their residences in this safe and secure mode of transport.